Frequently asked questions

How can I reset my password?

Do not lose the non-default admin password. Access to Aidian Connect data on the device can no longer be restored if the password is lost and the application needs to be re-installed.

The admin user may change local users’ passwords under the 'User list' header in the 'Settings' page. Users are also able to change their own password from the same menu. A password with a minimum number of different types of characters is enforced by Aidian Connect, but users should also pay attention to choose passwords that cannot be guessed to make the application-level encryption effective.

Where can I get the app from?

If Aidian Connect was installed from Google Play or Apple App Store, navigate to the Aidian Connect application page in your application store and update the application to the latest version.

If you installed Aidian Connect from an Android .apk file provided by your distributor, ask your distributor for a new updated version of the .apk file and download it to your mobile device. Open the .apk file on your mobile device and follow the instructions to update Aidian Connect.

How can I log in to the app?

When you first launch the Aidian Connect application you will be taken to the login screen.

  • To login first time, use the default username 'admin' with the password 'aidianconnectset'.
  • On your first login as the admin user, you will also be asked to input a clinic name, to provide an initial list of physicians, and to choose a UI language. Please note that the clinic name can be input only once.
  • You will be prompted to change the default admin password after logging in - doing so will improve security.
  • Do not lose the non-default admin password. Access to Aidian Connect data on the device can no longer be restored if the password is lost and the application needs to be re-installed.
  • After logging in as the admin user, you will be required to agree with the End User License Agreement (EULA) and the Privacy Statement to continue using the application.

How to connect the app to the instrument?

  • Your mobile device hosting the Aidian Connect application must be connected to the same network or Wi-Fi as your QuikRead go Instrument.
  • Navigate to the 'Instruments' If you have not yet received data from any QuikRead go Instrument, a notification informing of no found Instruments in storage is displayed.
  • To add a new QuikRead go Instrument tap on the 'Connect QuikRead go Instrument' item to display more information on how to receive data from a QuikRead go Instrument.
    • The LIS address or IP address and port number are shown on Aidian Connect. Enter this data to QuikRead go Instrument LIS settings.
  • Select Connection type: TCP/IP POCT1-A2 and use IP address and TCP port fields for information from Aidian Connect.
    • The recommended setting for the conversation interval to 1 minute.

Can I connect several instruments to the app?

Aidian Connect is operated within local network and it provides single interface to present data from one or more instruments to the users of the application (1-10 instruments to single mobile device).

Can I connect several apps to the device?

No, because POCT transfer is allowed in only one IP address at a time. Different apps have different IP address which cannot be configured in QuikRead go Instrument.

Is my phone supported?

Aidian Connect is only compatible in Android mobile and tablet with Android versions 7.0 and higher or Apple tablet and mobile phones with iOS versions 11.0 and higher. Make sure that you have correct versions of operating system in your phone.

Were the features easy to find?

Navigate to the 'Settings' page from the left side menu.

Why is the app not starting?

Please ensure that latest version of app is installed in your phone. For guidance, please check the IFU or contact your IT Support.

Having trouble logging in with the default credentials?

Check that the username (admin) and password (aidianconnectset) are correct.

Who to contact about issues with the app?

Aidian App Support (

Do you provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates?

Any bugs in the application can be reported to Aidian App Support ( Aidian connect is regularly maintained and security patches are applied as soon as possible. Make sure to update latest version of Aidian connect without delay. The application can be updated by installing the update from the same app store page it was downloaded from or by requesting a new application file from your Aidian distributor.

What to do when new updates are not working as expected?

Please contact your Aidian Connect administrator or Aidian App Support.

I have a question that isn't listed here

Take contact to Aidian App Support (