Aidian Connect

Aidian Connect

Aidian Connect is an application to receive QuikRead go® instruments' results to mobile device. With Aidian Connect you can share results instantly for faster patient treatment, reducing workload, and easily balancing tasks. It is intended to be used by healthcare professionals.

The application is available for use on supported Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

Aidian Connect is a companion application for the QuikRead go® instruments. Secure and encrypted Aidian Connect gives access to data only for pre-set users. Data integrity checks and logging features ensure you have results you can trust. Aidian Connect enables completely wireless mobility for QuikRead go instruments, and trusted results are available whenever and where ever needed.

Aidian Connect application works with Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets, iOS version 11.0 or higher and Android version 7.0 or higher.

Mobile device with Aidian Connect must be connected to the same secure health care organization local network as QuikRead go instruments.

Aidian Connect application is not meant to be used as a permanent patient record.

With Aidian Connect you can:

  • View and share instrument generated results
  • Add result management related information
  • Create and export quality control data
  • Print data to your office or thermal printers